Reduce product development lead time

With Dessia's Augmented Engineering software powered by AI

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Develop products with 70% less design iterations and a systematic engineering knowledge re-use.

Dessia's mission is aligned with our customer's ambitious digital transformation plans, such as Renaulution for Renault.

For engineering organisations, our software will act as a design companion, powered by AI, that will help engineers generate and explore complex design spaces, assess feasibility and rank the best candidates based on design rules and  customer Requirements.

For IT profiles, we provide a python framework for engineers to build their process automation applications in a simplified and standardized manner, and then execute them through our low code platform.

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Learn how Renault reduced its design time by 30

"Using Generative Engineering ("Bots") applications [....], it is possible to produce the same results [...] with a
time saving of over 80%, using at least 3 times less resources."

Jean Baptiste Chancerelle - Digital Catalyst @Renault Group

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Your AI powered
Generative Engineering Software

Digitalize your engineering knowledge and generate all possible design configurations
Digitalize your knowledge

Digitalize your knowledge

Structure and model your design rules

Create your workflow

Create your

Describe the steps of your product design in a workflow

Generative Engineering Decision tree

Use Artificial Intelligence

Generate overnight thousands of architectures with explainable AI

Explore Design Spaces


Use data visualization and Machine Learning to define clusters of solutions


Obtain the data for the best designs at an early stage of the product development cycle

Engineering Knowledge Re-use

Knowledge perpetuation

Store know-how and design rules in a structured model

Design Engineering Efficiency


Reduce design iterations and bring automation capabilities in your workflows.

Artificial Intelligence for Product Innovation


Discover innovative architectures with AI at the concept phase

Artificial Intelligence for Design Decision Making

Data driven decision

Use and share the data generated to single out your best design setups

Some of our Use Cases

Our generative engineering software makes the design of your products faster and better
Here is how Renault talks about us

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If the session sheds light on a need, Dessia will open the door to a free audit of your Design processes. 

Understand your Objectives

Dessia developped a consultative framework to qualify the need with new prospects. Thus, we will first ask a series of questions to understand your personal/organisation objectives - in order for us to understand the fit between our value proposal and your problematics

Demonstration and successful deployment

You are probably interested to know what others did. Even though we can't show you our customer's data, we summarized our capabilities in demonstrations that will be made accessible to you. We can also put in perspective how a deployment would look like in your case

Features and Pricing

No beating around the bush, you will know everything about our features, pricing, Pilots framework and security/IT requirements.

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