Constraint space design optimization
Optimize design layout with artificial intelligence


Place 3D objects in a given constrained environment

A Voxel SDK  is available within Dessia software; it can be used as the foundation to develop your own Bot in which you would add your in-house knowledge and design rules.

Engineering knowledge management for batteries

With this SDK it is possible to discretize a volume such as all components location and position configurations within this volume can be generated and evaluated.

This capability can be leveraged to investigate a global system architecture looking at best components integration looking best compaction, while looking at mass, inertia and center of gravity.

Specific rules can be added to avoid placement of certain components next to each other.

This SDK provides the following features/capabilities (non exhaustive list):
Voxel approach, Automatic voxel 3D discretization, Component positioning with voxel approach, Component location optimizer

Continuous approach:
Constraint definition between several components, 3D optimization of the architecture under constraints