Automate Piping Electric wire harness design
Artificial Intelligence for piping generative design


Find the optimal path around components and generates anchor points

A routing SDK is available from the software; It can be used as the foundation to develop your own Bot in which you would add your in-house knowledge and design rules. It allows to generate first piping concepts taking into account only CAD and the desired wiring diagram.

Design space exploration

With the SDK it is possible to mesh several rooms in order to build all the possible paths. A large variety of algorithms are available to search from these graphs the optimal path.

This first plot corresponds to a so called a first concept, and from this plot specific algorithms are used to design realistic plots that take into account the radii of curvature.

In the end, the SDK makes it possible to obtain a large number of different solutions in order to carry out analyses in the form of trade-offs or clustering.

Wiring features

JunctionWire: Minimum path search respecting radius curvature and length, Distance to environment, Extension facing environment, Tangents generation

Wiring Optimizer: Multi path from one or multiple input to one or multiple output, Minimum distance for multi path, Count number branch per node

Piping features

Concept piping: Minimum path search, Concept graph generation, Multi layer graph generation, Piping master & slave approach

Detail piping: Simplex sweep generation, Mutualization optimizer, Piping improvement optimizer, Connector description